Unable to pass join your network using Tailscale "standalone"

Hey all,

I am working on developing a Tailscale SSO mechanism for some internal applications that my team and I develop that uses the localapi. My goal is that this should work kout of the box in development environments where people are already running Tailscale.

My understanding was that the App Store variant doesn’t permit access to the localapi via the typical UNIX socket route and so I uninstalled it and have been trying to replace it with the “Standalone” v1.34.0 on my OSX Ventura install.

Unfortunately I can’t get past the “Join your network” prompt on Standalone, even having granted the VPN permissions. This issue persists through “uninstalls” (deleting /Applications/Tailscale.app with Finder and having it remove the extensions) and reboots.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile: