Use exit node + local access + tailscale SSH server all possible?

I’m struggling to find whether this is currently possible on OSX.

I’m running an exit node in AWS, I have an OSX machine that’s using the exit node without a problem, but for some reason cannot ping or SSH into my virtual machines when tailscale is running. I’ve been using the app store app and gave the “Allow local network access” enabled but it doesn’t make a difference. I’ve also tried FWIW advertising the virtual machines routes in the hopes that would work, but still the same… unable to ping or ssh those virtual machines.

Beyond that it would be great to run tailscale’s SSH server for more secure SSH daemon for remote access to the box, but the app store app doesn’t allow it and it seems the open source app route doesn’t yet allow you to use an exit node??

If anyone has any answers to the above it would be much appreciated.

EDIT: Am I maybe misunderstanding the meaning behind “Allow local network access”? I would have thought that means not just but also any other interfaces (such as virtual machines that create their own bridge networks etc.) … if it doesn’t is there a nice way of getting traffic to route traffic to those interfaces in the normal way avoiding presumably going out to the exit node and failing? (note: I have confirmed anything bound to the host itself on is working fine e.g., a docker container that serves HTTP on port 80). I should also add that toggling the “Allow local network access” appears to have no discernible affect on what I can/cannot access locally so it would be good to understand what this option does exactly.

As far as I know ssh doesn’t work on MacOS yet, just linux boxes - although I may be misunderstanding what you’re trying to do.