Cannot access menu on macOS

Hey everyone. Brand new to Tailscale and frustrated beyond belief with it. When I click the Tailscale icon to start it, it connects, but there is no menu showing up and I have only a few icons in the menu bar. I don’t know what to do to access the menu. I force close it, restart, and nothing. Also, connected my windows PC that’s in a VM on Proxmox and when trying to access it via RDP from outside the network, it doesn’t connect. It doesn’t seem to know a connection is trying to be made. I don’t understand the setup procedure. All I am trying to do is use this in place of my regular old VPN on my unify dream machine pro. I just got a t-mobile home internet 5G router to use at work to VPM back home to be able to access all my VM’s that are on my Proxmox server. This seems completely different. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

running Tailscale on a VM is similar to running it on a docker container I believe. You need to traverse the host to reach the external world so the tailscale tunnel has to be allowed to to that.

In a docker container running Linux the option to allow this is to enable “userspace_networking”. That was my only option to traverse the container back to the host. Can’t say how to enable that on Windows.