Critical Error - Could not start Tailscale: internal error (localAPIURLRequestError)

After updating to version 1.40, Tailscale no longer starts in MacOS (12.6.5).

It immediately shows the following error:


If you click copy details all you get is “localAPIURLRequestError

I have uninstalled and reinstalled and even went as far back as version 1.38 but it will not work.

Even Google has never seen this before (actual zero results for “tailscale localAPIURLRequestError”) which is why I am posting it here.

Just wanted to chime in to say that I’m also having this issue all of a sudden.

I am having the same issue.

try excute below commands in your terminal:
sudo codesign --sign - --force --deep /Applications/

Running that command gets past the error, but it’s now stuck in a “Loading…” state so not quite working.