1.26.0 - no standalone Mac build on the stable builds page yet

Just saw in the v1.26.0 release notes that there’s a standalone Mac build now, with a link to the stable builds page (https://pkgs.tailscale.com/stable/#macos), but that link doesn’t work because there’s no Mac build up on that page yet.

Any chance the Mac standalone link is coming soon?

Seeing it’s posted now - thanks!

One more thing though, switching over to the standalone build, I was asked to re-auth in my tailnet and the machine was given a new tailnet IP. Is there any way to switch over to the standalone builds and retain the existing tailnet IP from using the Mac App Store version?

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I have the same question. I would like to switch Macs to the standalone builds without changing their Tailscale IPs.

My main motivation for switching is to keep the Tailscale versions more in sync across all platforms (App Store approval takes so long! :laughing:). Are there any other pros/cons for the App Store versus standalone builds? Does the team plan to keep both around long term?

The blog post from today pretty much answered my questions about the different types of Mac builds:

Thanks for that. I’d still like to know if there is a way to transfer the existing keys/etc over from an App Store install to a standalone install.

Any chance the Mac standalone 1.30.1 build will be available soon? pkgs.tailscale.com still only has 1.30.0 on the stable builds page, and seems all other platforms have been updated to 1.30.1

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The dashboard is showing an upgrade prompt for Mac nodes on 1.30.0 now too, but 1.30.1 is still not available at https://pkgs.tailscale.com/stable/#macos. I see it in the App Store but I’m trying to stay on the standalone version.