Tailscale (VPN) is UP.. But cannot see devices on my edgerouter.

I have Tailscale up on my Edgerouter (EdgeRouter 4 v2.0.9-hotfix.4) with the jamesog/tailscale-edgeos method… And from an off-site remote device with Tailscale VPN connected I can see and get into the web interface of my edgerouter (which is at its default address… But, I cannot seem to ping any of the devices 192.168.1.x on my edgerouter nor their device-name.local addresses.

Do I have to provide some kind of routes to those devices?

Do I need to use some scheme remotely to access those devices? (I DO have subnet routes enabled on the Tailscale account interface for that device.) and I started Tailscale on Edgerouter with the command:

sudo tailscale up --accept-routes --advertise-routes --authkey tskey-<my_key> --reset

Or is there something preventing me from accessing my home devices on 192.168.1.x due to the nature of 192.168.1.x type addresses?

Just from what is here, I don’t know. If you email support@tailscale.com from the account associated with the tailnet, we can look into it.

Here is more info on my subnet routing problem: