Not using route

I am having some problems, connecting to part of my tailscale network.

I have a Edgerouter lite, the is working as a subnet router and an exit note.

I have approved all routes in the tailscale admin panel.

When i run tailscale ping from another tailscale client i get the following (ubnt being the name of the edgerouter lite)

node “ubnt” found, but not using its route

Any idea why this is, and could this be my problem ?

I currently have a site 2 site vpn running as well to that site as well.
I would think that tailscale would be my prefered route ?



I expect the second VPN could be your problem. Routing priority usually falls to the most specific route. So if you want to use tailscale even when the other VPN is available, you can use a more specific route there, and --advertise-routes= - which will only allow you to access the upper half of that /24.

Or on your other VPN, you can advertise the route as a /23 to make it less specific without causing any loss of scope.

One more note: From ubnt did you include --accept-routes when you brought up tailscale?

Just testet with --accept-routes and that did not work.
I will test tomorrow with the vpn disconnected. So see if that makes a difference.
Thanks for the advice.

So i got it working.
The trick was to add --accept-routes=true to the source machine.
Then everything started working again.

Note that just typing --accept-routes did not work (even thou it’s stated in the documentation, that it default’s to true)