Tailscale subnet router is connected but not showing up in Routers webadmin?

I just installed Tailscale on a Raspberry Pi 4B for a test run prior to doing the same on a Pi 3. I configured it as a subnet router. I had a few issues with IP Forwarding warning messages but they are another matter and I got past them OK.

The issue I have currently is that whilst the Pi is connected to my Wifi Network, I cannot see that device in my Router’s (RT-AX86U) list of connected devices. I can see it in the Router’s “System Log - Wireless Log” so it is definitely there.

Is this a Tailscale issue for subnet routers; just a networking issue in general; or an ASUS issue; or do I need to enable something to see it?

[EDIT] My Routers IP is and I set up Tailscale with
$ sudo tailscale up --advertise-routes=



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So I just rebooted the Router from the Webadmin and it went from 7 to 14 devices; including the errant Pi.

Wonder why it gets stuck. Anyway, all good.