Am I misunderstanding subnet routing?

I setup Tailscale to advertise routes on an ubuntu server VM that is bridged to my ethernet port connected to my local home network, 192.168.30.xx.

sudo tailscale up --advertise-routes=, --accept-routes

My goal is to use this VM to expose my entire 30.xx subnet at home from abroad without installing Tailscale on those devices within my home 30.xx subnet.
However, I can’t connect to ANY other device (that don’t have Tailscale installed) within my home network other than the VM itself from an outside network.

Am I misunderstanding how subnet routing works with Tailscale?

First, you don’t want to use --accept-routes on a subnet router. You want to use that on the remote (traveling) systems which need to accept the routes offered by the subnet router.

Have you gone into the Tailscale control panel and permitted the routes to be advertised by the subnet router? That is required.

Yes I have enabled the routes in the web control panel. I’ve removed the --accept-routes arg in the tailscale subnet host and I still cannot see other devices in my subnet from a remote client.

Here is a bugreport if necessary:
Would I have to edit anything on the JSON file maybe?

You should not have to do that. Have you added --accept-routes in the tailscale up command on the system you are using for ‘remote’ testing?