Synology NAS - mapping a network drive on Windows

Tailscale is installed and connected on my Synology NAS, Windows, iphone.

I’m away from home now and Windows can get a ping reply from iphone, showing me that my tailscale is setup normally and pings are expected.

Windows can’t get a ping reply from Synology NAS I have at home, but I see from the documentation that is normal.

I’m attempting to map a share from the Synology to the Windows laptop and it fails. I am using the Tailscale IP, and it fails in the same way as the ping fails, in that it can’t contact the destination IP.

There is an existing mapped drive on the Windows device for the LAN IP of the Synology NAS and that works fine whenever I’m on the LAN.

So, I’m confident the folder sharing on the NAS is correct. I get the feeling there might be part of the Tailscale config on the Synology NAS that I’ve missed.

I’m going to re-install Synology Tailscale when back on the LAN, tried to do it remotely but hit the problem that

which is probably a good security design. I’ll try in a few days.

Is your NAS showing online in the Admin Console?

In case you don’t want to wait until you are home. There are several options to work arround the quickconnect restriction, just to mention 2:

A) SSH via another server in your LAN into your Synology and perform a command line reinstall.
B) Install a Tailscale docker container(or VM) on your NAS and check if you can reach that one via your tailnet. You can configure that container as an exit node too, this will enable you to connect to your DSM at your local LAN IP.

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My NAS is no longer showing in Tailscale Machines in Admin because I’ve uninstalled Tailscale from NAS, but it WAS listed as a ‘connected’ machine in Tailscale when I was trying to set up the mapped drive.

Thanks for the ideas, I don’t think I can do either. No other server on the LAN and I don’t know how to set up Tailscale in a container. No sweat, I’ll wait and just install it as package in a day or two, and try again.