Synology NAS DSM7 - services don't work

I have had 2 synology NAS in my tailscale network - everything has been working great for about 3 months - have upgraded to DSM 7 and now some of the services don’t seem to work

I can log in, I can map network drives, I can use synology drive using tailscale ip address but other features don’t work where previously they did using the ip address (eg hyperbackup, drive sync)

I have uninstalled and reinstalled, and seem to be facing same issues

Is anyone else facing this? Have made sure that the firewall ports for those apps are open on NAS
Its off that some work and some don’t
Thanks for suggestions

Does your Synology NAS support tun device?

I am not sure what that means actually

I have a DS920 and a DS918

Can you check /dev/net/tun ?

On DSM 7 we currently use a userspace implementation of Tailscale and don’t modify the system’s routing table. So with DSM 7 you can connect TO your Synology, but you can’t connect out FROM your Synology to other stuff.

We might be able to make it work yet on DSM 7 but haven’t finished.

Thanks for the explanation - I am currently using TS and ZT and the combo seems to cover everything between them
Hopefully can get TS back to the role of covering everything it was before

I just installed Tailscale on a Synology DS918+ with DSM7.

From what I read, it’s possibile to connect TO the Synology, but not FROM it.
Does it also involve ping?

I’m able to ping my Synology from both Android and Mac client, but not the other way around.
I thought I was missing something because ping was the first step in the setup guide.


Enabling Synology outbound connections · Tailscale

You’ll need Tailscale 1.12.4 which should appear in the Synology Package Center very soon, if not today.

this is exciting!

once it appears, i will test it

Hi @bradfitz - any updates on this? I am also very much looking for this but cannot find the updated package in synology package center.

Meanwhile I was wondering if static routing settings in DSM 7 could help but within DSM Tailscale does not show up as gateway.

Any help is very much appriciated.

@Sebtec we are still waiting on the official release in the Synology Package Center.
If you would like to install the latest release without waiting for the Package Center, you can do so by downloading the latest releases from Releases · tailscale/tailscale-synology · GitHub.

Note: once installed, you will have to follow the steps in Enabling Synology outbound connections · Tailscale to enable outbound connections.

the latest release of Tailscale is available on Synology package center for Tailscale 1.12.4.

Hello I have DSM 7.0.1 and I manually followed tailscale instructions but still not able to make outbound connections.

Any pointers on what I can check?


The most recent build is 1.22.0, available from and will be in the Synology Package Center in 1-2 months. It includes a /var/packages/Tailscale/target/bin/tailscale configure-host command which can be run as root to configure everything for DSM7 to allow outgoing connections.

Thanks for this. I too tried the instructions to no avail. This is working though

I have been running into problems on this as well. I am on 1.22.

Just to be sure, I only need to run the new command followed by the command to restart Tailscale.

I no longer have to run the commands in the article Enabling Outbound Connections….

Right now I have all of those commands, plus the new ones, in a Task Manager Script.

Thanks for this thread by the way.

You would only need to run /var/packages/Tailscale/target/bin/tailscale configure-host, with 1.22 or later. It will handle enabling outbound connections and everything else.

Thanks, I will clean up my scripts. I am about to deploy this NAS remotely and didn’t want to spend 6 hours driving because I took one-too-many lines out of a script.

It should be harmless to leave the extra lines in, some of the operations will just be done twice. Whatever you’ve tested prior to deploying remotely should be fine.

When I ran the commands in the help article with the latest in the Package Manager, 1.16 maybe, it did not seem to work. The configure-host with 1.22 did however fix my issue. I didn’t know you can run it via a task manager script. I ran it via SSH with sudo -i and additional sudo just be sure.