Successfully connected but need help with Synology Drive setup

I have successfully installed Tailscale on my Synology, Windows PC, and iPhone. Both my PC and iPhone show the Synology and their respective IP addresses. However, when I tried to access my NAS files via Synology Drive on the iPhone, it gives me a message saying “My Drive and team folders have not been enabled. Please go to Synology Drive Console to enable them.”

When I go to the Console and try to enable My Drive (home), it tells me I need to “Enable sync service for users in Control Panel…” via Domain/LDAP.

I can’t figure out what the Server Name and DNS Server should be set to. I have tried my as the Server Address and the DNS Server that shows when I do ipconfig on my PC, but I get a message saying "Unable to detect the server type through the server address.

I’m sure I’m doing this completely wrong but don’t know what to try next. Thanks for any help you can offer.

Hi, this isn’t really a tailscale problem.

First of all, you dont need to configure Domain/LDAP. This is only needed for Domain Networks.

On your Synology, you need to install the “Synology Drive Server”.
Than you need to setup the team-folders.
Synology has a really good KB on how to archive what you want.

So the only tailscale related thing would be in the configuration of the sync client on your iphone.
When you setup your Drive App on your iPhone, you must enter the tailscale-IP from your NAS, not the LAN-IP.

You also need to enable the Synology Drive for your Synology User: Control-Panel->Users->Edit your User->Applications->Synology Drive

I was trying to enable “My Drive (home)” which was giving me the message to go to the Domain/LDAP to enable sync services. I just tried for the first time to enable my folders below “My Drive” and it let me do that which gives me access to those. I assume I don’t really need “My Drive”? I figured this wasn’t a Tailscale problem but I just couldn’t find the answer elsewhere.
Thank you for your reply.

So the MyDrive app is a little bit like Dropbox. You have a “recently added” tab and some fancy design things.
You also have versioning, in case you delete/modify something and want to recover it.

if you just want to acces your files, you can do this with the “DS Files” app. This is like the windows explorer but for your mobile phone. Its simple but works.

i also only have it enabled on the “Eigene Dateien” (“My Files”? sorry, dont know what synology calls it in english). The Folder “Eigene Dateien” is where the home-folder of my user is.