New Free plan vs Old Personal Pro plan

I can’t seem to find any info on the difference between the new Free plan and the old Personal Pro plan.

I use Tailscale at home for only myself but would like to add 1 or 2 others.
When I started the downgrade, I got the message:
“Some features available on the Personal Pro plan are not available on the Free plan”

Can someone outline what features I may lose access to when switching? The current comparison shows all of the features I think I need in the free plan, but since I can’t see a list of the features of the old Personal Pro plan, I want to be sure I won’t lose something I want/need since im sure i wont be able to switch back.


You can view the old plans via the Wayback machine:

It’s a bit difficult to compare 1:1 because some features have been renamed or replaced with other features. Some differences I can see on the old free plan vs. the new free plan are:

  • Users old: 1

  • Users new: 3

  • Devices old: 20

  • Devices new: 100

  • HA subnet routers old (“Subnet router failover beta”): No

  • HA subnet routers new: Yes

  • User approval beta old: No

  • User approval new: Yes

  • Device approval old: No

  • Device approval new: Yes

  • Okta SSO old: No

  • SSO new: Yes for all options

Overall it looks like there’s a lot more available than before, if I’m not mistaken. :ok_hand:


The New Free Plan allows 3 users but there is currently no “invite team” button available on the Users page of the Admin Console. So it seems impossible to invite 2 extra users. According to the documentation, it should be there. Team invites are available for all plans. Any idea?

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From the announcement (footnote 4):

For historical architectural reasons you cannot currently have more than one user on a “personal” tailnet (such as a account). You need either your own domain or a GitHub Organization. Sorry. We will fix this, but not today. Meanwhile, don’t forget that you can use Node Sharing to share devices (including Exit Nodes) across individual tailnets.

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so from what im seeing in the above responses, if i switch, im gaining many things, and not actually losing any functionality?

Yup! :slight_smile:
If you look at the old (v2) price plan, personal pro only had the following differences to the free plan:

  • 100 devices instead of 20 (-> the new free plan has 100 as well now)
  • 2 subnet routers instead of 1 (-> all of the new plans have no subnet router limitation)
  • device approval (-> the new free plan has device approval as well now)

So you’re only gaining in features by switching from the old (v2) personal pro plan to the new (v3) free plan, and you pay less (i.e. nothing).

Personal Pro User here, very happy to see this changes to the free tier incl. custom OIDC. I prepare webfinger to setup a new account using my keycloak server as there is no way to migrate social accounts to custom OIDC.

This is pretty awesome news.
I love the Tailscale project and mainly got the Personal Pro package to support the project/company. I will be happy to switch over to a free account, but it almost feels wrong to switch to a free tier and get more!!

I guess I will have to find new ways to support the project :slight_smile: