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Today’s email about changes to pricing and plans would have to be unique. When I see an email with Changes and Pricing in the title, I think, “oh yeah, here we go”. Instead Tailscale has reduced the price to zero and enhanced the features I was getting on the Personal Pro plan. That was already a great deal especially once I had received the non-profit discount (which was applied promptly and accurately by a Real Person). Now the thing is free and even better for my circumstances (a few subnet routers allowing secure access to IP cameras in remote locations). Apart from being wracked by guilt at getting such a service for free I am delighted. Thank you. I will do my best to find some new proper paying customers for Tailscale in return.


Fully agree. I read your post here, searched my emails for the message from TS, and downgraded to a free plan with a huge cloud of doubts above my brain. Usually, there is NO WAY that downgrading from a paid plan will NOT lose any functionality, but in my case, the free version now does everything I need. Unbelievable! Have been recommending TS for a long time now, and this makes it even easier to do so - many of my customers struggle to test TS because they can’t do what they want on the free plans, and getting a paid account usually means a lot of company-internal effort, just for trying out things.

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I fully agree
Kudos to Tailscale (which I also keep recommending)