Sharing with family/friends timeline

I can see hat sharing between family/friends in something you plan to do.
I have a usecase, where a friend, want’s to backup from his nas, to mine.
And off course, Tailscale with the right ACL, would fit perfect :slight_smile:

I’m using my Google Apps domain today. So there I no way for me to invite him.
Any (rough) eta on when we ca expect to be able to share, between organizations ?
It’s either that, or I need to log in and install it, using my account.


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I think that would start moving into some of the paid functionality. You could make a “group account” that you give other people permission to use with Tailscale. They mention this at the bottom of their pricing page here


Thanks for asking @robert. We don’t have a timeline just yet, but optimistically around 3 months from now. Definitely check back with us!


I am super excited if this is the case!!! Thanks for letting us know :smiley:

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Perfect. Thanks for alle the info.

I will just add my friends, single client, with my own account, and change it, when you get the feature.

Looking forward to seeing the performance, when the usecase is moving a lot of data.

And also playing with the acl, to lock down the connection, between the 2 nas.




Starting today we’re running a beta test for this feature. If you’re interested in sharing devices with other networks and can provide us with some feedback (over video call/email/Github), email us at with your Tailscale domain/email address. We’ll add you to our list of people to help us test.

No specific timeline for the production release yet, but as we get closer we’ll share more details.

Would love to test it, but the one I’m using it with right now, is not really a power user. So better stay on the stable version, and wait for GA.

Thanks thou :slight_smile: