Migrate from Personal to Team

I initially setup Tailscale with a free personal account connected with GitHub. I’ve since configure our servers to only allow connections through Tailscale0.

Now that I’m happy with the setup I want to transition across to a Team configuration with 4 additional users. Is there a way to migrate my existing account across to the Team account, or will I need to run two machines (one personal, one team) and reconfigure all the servers to use the new account?

We cannot migrate a GitHub account to any other authenticator, but if it’s just a billing transfer from personal pro to team plan, no authentication change and your account is a GitHub org account it may possible.

Please share your tailnet domain details on support@tailscale.com and we will look into it.

Thank you so much, I’ll email the details and pick it up from there.

From the sounds of it, however, we’re going to be moving to an @nftx.org domain as the authentication method so it seems like I’m just going to have to reset the access on the servers directly.

Yes I think so. We don’t have a way to automatically migrate a tailnet from an identity provider using GitHub profile names as User identifiers to an IdP using email addresses as User identifiers. We don’t have a reliable way to map from the existing identifier to the new identifier. Instead we have to ask that the devices be logged out of the GitHub tailnet and logged into a new tailnet using email addresses.