Paid single user plan has lower device limit than free plan?

I’ve just started using Tailscale and am impressed. On the free plan I get 20 devices and 1 subnet router, but I (sometimes) want to use 2 subnet routers. I would be happy to pay the $5/month for a single user paid plan, but this only gets me 5 devices, rather than 20. I am using 5 already and may want a couple more, so this would push the price up to $10/month.

My other option is to stay on free and add and remove the additional subnet router as needed, taking advantage of the soft limits, but would it not make sense that the $5/month would at least allow the same number of devices as the free plan? E.g. make it 15 devices plus 5 more per user? I’d quite happily sign up for that.

It’s a bit unclear but what it means is you get 5x the amount of devices.

So on the paid personal pro plan you actually get 100 devices (Just confirmed myself, see below)


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Ah, did not see the “Personal pro plan” - it’s in the fine print below. That’s perfect for my needs. Thanks!

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