Can my Synology NAS setup work on a tailscale free personal plan?


I am new to this and would like to use Tailscale instead of quickconnect for added security. I have admin access to all the 3x Synology NAS as well as the routers. My question is, would this work for a personal (free) plan of tailscale or at most the personal pro plan? (note: my brother/sister wont login to their NAS as they arent that techy. I will just map a network folder on their PC where they will save their files/photos). NAS A, NAS B, NAS C all have to connect with each other using tailscale to be able to sync right? Can all 3x NAS use my login all at the same time to connect 24/7 ? I would like to access all NAS via my desktop/laptop too. If this doesn’t work on the free plan or personal pro then I guess ill just look into using Openvpn.

PS - do i need 3x subnets for this as they are from 3x locations with 3x routers? I dont plan to connect to any other devices in the 3x networks though other than the 3x NAS.

Yes, that will work on any plan.

You don’t need a subnet router in your scenario. You will be able to sync the 3 NAS via their Tailscale (100.x.x.x) IP addresses, as long you install the Tailscale client on each NAS and your desktop/laptop to connect to them. You will be also able to access DSM via the Tailscale IP.

You might want to keep your Tailscale clients manually up to date. Synology is updating the packages really slowly. You can alternatively use the subnet routers to use the LAN IP instead the Tailscale IP, but I wouldn’t expose the LANs for this.

+1 on this.

Use your personal free account to connect all the NAS to your tailnet. No need for subnet routing etc. you will than be able to access all three NAS from your notebook and all your NAS can access the other NAS via their tailscale ip (100.x.x).

I have the same setup running for Hyperbackup. Works great and no need to configure the internet router.

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