Using Tailscale to Backup between 2 Synology NAS

Just wanted to share my usecase, that i setup the other day, and wich is running perfectly now :slight_smile:

One of my friends, wanted to backup his synologt Nas to mine, since i had a spare slot, he could use.

After looking at the port requirements, for doing this, i ended up installing Tailscale, on both NAS, and is now doing direct backup, over the Tailscale network.

It’s running right now, with around 4 MB/s, wich is probably more a backup and internet limitation, rather than a Tailscale one.

We had to sign in, using my account, so next step, is to lock it down, so his nas, can only talk to mine, og specific ports.

Other than nat, his nas lost DNS access, since my tailscale network, is setup to use a DNS server, his did not have access to.

I’m really looking forward, to inviting friends, and then removing him from my account, but for now, it’s working better than i could have hoped for.

So thanks for great work :slight_smile:


Hi Robert,

That’s great news! If you want to disable the DNS override on your friend’s device, make sure you’re running a recent tailscale package (>1.1.500 or so) on your synology device, then add --accept-dns=false to your synology command line. That will leave their default DNS settings intact, rather than using your domain settings.

Thanks @apenwarr

We ran into another issue, that the connection is lost, after some time.
We ran more than 24 hours without any problems, but suddenly nothing works.
As far as I could read, it have to do with the latest Synology package. So I have downgraded on my nas, and is waiting for my friend to do the same, and then we will test, if it’s more stable.

do you know which version you were running? I think there were a few v1.1.x versions with this bug. Later ones almost certainly fix it.

Yes. ver 1.1.335 is the one giving us problems.

I’m running 0.98-0 and it seams to be working.

Btw. I think this is the issue we are hitting :

An update.

After upgrading to latest Synology client, is has been really stable.

The speed is betweeen 3-5,6 MB/s, but I think the bottleneck is the slow processors of the NAS, encrypting client side, before transmitting.
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Hi @robert
Thanks for the update!