Ability to use DNS-over-HTTPS and Tailscale on ChromeOS recently broken

Tailscale version Unsure, but can check if you tell me how
Your operating system & version ChromeOS 104.0.5112.105

I use https://nextdns.io/ to block ads and configure custom domains on my network. Just this evening, I’ve noticed it stops working on my ChromeOS laptop when I have tailscale turned on. This was not an issue before.

NextDNS is configured via DNS-over-HTTPS. Tailscale’s MagicDNS doesn’t have a place to specify a global nameserver via DNS-over-HTTPS, so I had previously avoided MagicDNS, instead mapping domains to my various devices in NextDNS.

As of this evening, however, it appears that I can turn on MagicDNS without specifying a global fallback nameserver in Tailscale, and ChromeOS appears to ignore the DNS-over-HTTPS I’ve configured when I have tailscale turned on, whether or not MagicDns is enabled. This means I can’t use NextDns and Tailscale at the same time.

Did something change recently? Can you reenable the ability to honor the DNS-over-HTTPS setting configured in ChromeOs when using Tailscale?

I figured out the tailscale version, it’s 1.28.0.

I believe this is related to FR: Support better DNS transports (DoH, DoT) in Tailscale central DNS policy · Issue #74 · tailscale/tailscale · GitHub, but it was working until a few days ago.