macOS Tailscale 1.34.0 + NextDNS issue

I use Tailscale alongside the NextDNS app (i.e., to change my local DNS settings). Prior to the latest Tailscale client update, this combination worked great. I got MagicDNS through Tailscale and ad blocking via NextDNS. With Tailscale 1.34.0, NextDNS stopped working and my default (router) DNS settings are applied. If I disconnect from Tailscale, NextDNS works.

Did something change with respect to DNS in the latest update?

Right now, it looks like the only way to use the two together is to set NextDNS as a Global nameserver in the Admin panel and set “Override local DNS” to on.


  • macOS Ventura 13.0.1
  • Tailscale 1.34.0
  • “Use Tailscale DNS Settings” is on
  • “Override local DNS” is off

Yep, same for me. There definitely must’ve something changed. Btw. my iphone has the same problem.

This issue is now being tracked in GitHub.

Perfect, maybe this solves the iOS DNS failures as well.