macOS DNS Issue with 1.34.0

I ran into a DNS issue today after upgrading to the latest Tailscale client, 1.34.0.

As background, I use both Tailscale and the NextDNS app (which uses a VPN config to modify local DNS settings). The two apps have happily coexisted up until today’s 1.34.0 client update.

Now, when Tailscale is active, NextDNS is ignored and my default (ISP) DNS settings are used. If I disable “Use Tailscale DNS Settings”, NextDNS works, but I lose :sparkles:MagicDNS. Of course, if I disable Tailscale altogether, NextDNS also works.

Prior to this update, I could use both Tailscale DNS settings and NextDNS together.

Is this a bug?

Important details:

  • macOS Ventura 13.0.1
  • Mac App Store Tailscale client version 1.34.0
  • App is set to Use Tailscale DNS Settings
  • Tailscale admin panel is set to not Override local DNS

Duplicate of macOS Tailscale 1.34.0 + NextDNS issue