Tailscale, MagicDNS and NextDNS working in harmony?

Tailscale version: 1.32.0 (App Store)
Your operating system & version: macOS 13.0

I’d like a guide to get these three working together if possible as I’m seeing a problem when using NextDNS (configured via the tailscale admin page) where the NextDNS resolver won’t resolve MagicDNS addresses to tailscale assigned IPs:

$ nslookup HOST.tailnetID.ts.net

** server can't find HOST.tailnetID.ts.net: NXDOMAIN

This breaks lots of stuff but most importantly, the HTTPS certification provided by MagicDNS. Obviously, the tailnet DNS at resolves it with no issues.

I would use split DNS for the ts.net domain and add local DNS entries on my PiHole but I’m using that option to resolve local addresses that physically can’t run tailscale clients (TVs and a switch).

If all three couple play nicely together, that would be great. Does anyone have a setup similar to mine that works?