MagicDNS + NixOS

Greetings team!

I love tailscale and recently started messing around with “MagicDNS”. It seems to work, well, magically on most of my machines (macOS and raspbian/linux). However, I have 2 machines in my network running NixOS and tailscale seems to be unable to automatically configure the DNS resolver.

As a workaround, I’ve manually set:

networking.nameservers = [ "" ]; = [ "" ];

It looks like this might be a related issue: DNS reconfig fails when using systemd implementation of resolvconf · Issue #631 · tailscale/tailscale · GitHub

Is this in fact a known bug or something i’ve done wrong? (if known, does that look like a reasonable workaround?)


Tailscale version: 1.4.4
Your operating system & version: NixOS unstable

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This is a known bug. NixOS is rather prescriptive about how it handles configuration, so you are going to need something like that in order to use Magic DNS on NixOS. You are doing it correctly, and that’s how I do it on my cluster as well.

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I figured as much - thanks so much for the confirmation, @within !

No problem! I’ll see what I can do about making that a bit more streamlined from the documentation side of things.

Be well o/

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