Windows New Client Timeouts

I setup a new instance of Tailscale on a brand new Windows 10 virtual machine. It can connect to the internet, it can ping and I see the route entries for the other devices on the account. It cannot ping or make a connect to any device. Looking at the windows networking statistics, a lot of sent packets, and like a fraction of received packets (16,000/400), likely the successful pings to

Windows Firewall is Off.
I have another Windows virtual machine with no issues, it can ping all the devices.
I used tailscale up -authkey instead of the login directly.

The Admin interface is a bit weird, the device having issues shows as no recent machines. The devices I’m trying to access show this device as a recent machine.

Tailscale version 1.3.147.

I don’t know what else to try to troubleshoot this.

Can you please email your source IP, destination IP and time when you try to connect from the not working windows machine to some other device and it fails? You can email us at