Windows incoming connections aren't working


I have Tailscale installed on a Windows 11 Pro machine. This machine can access other devices on my Tailscale network, but not vice-versa. My Windows machine is connected via ethernet. I confirmed that other devices can connect to my PC via local network (in fact, I’m typing this message via local Remote Desktop). I used an app to spin up a quick WebDAV server on my iPhone, and my Windows PC was able to connect to that via Tailscale. However, when my phone tried to connect to a webserver on my PC, it didn’t work.

I feel like I’m missing some simple setting to allow incoming connections, but none of the firewall changes I’ve tried have worked. Does anyone have advice on how to proceed?

Thanks so much

did you check the preference for ‘Allow Incoming Connections’? It’s under preferences in the Tailsscale app (right click the icon in the Windows tray).

Yep that one’s checked.

Are you using the Tailscale IP address, or the local address? You should be using it’s Tailscale address (100.x.x.x:port #) unless you are using a subnet router. If that is not the case, then we’ll have to look at this in more detail.

I’m using the 100.x… Tailscale address

The only other thing I can think of is to make sure your webserver is bound to the 100. range. I am not an expert on web servers, but I do know they can bind to certain NICs or subnets.

I have various servers on my Windows box that do work, so I know it is not a general tailscale issue.

The webserver was just a test. The main thing I’m looking for is remote desktop, which also doesn’t work. I’m sure I just have something misconfigured, but I’m not able to find out what

I have had instances where I had to reboot the PC after installing tailscale.

If that’s not it, I would reach out to tailscale support. They were very responsive when I needed info.