Tailscale Windows 7 machine connected but can't ping in or out

Hi all. I am trying to get tailscale working on a windows 7 sp1 32 bit installation running as a virtual machine in virtual box with a bridged adapter. It says I am connected, and i have an assigned ip address, however i cannot ping any of my other tailscale ip address from the command line. I can however ping them using “tailscale ping”. The endpoint ip address is correct. I have windows firewall off, not sure what else to try. Any ideas?

How’s your Tailscale ACL looking - have you made any changes from the default?

Try route print - you should see a route for each tailscale node in your network with your local TS address as the source interface. A tracert <ts-address> should get you there in one hop - if it’s trying another route then you have a problem on the windows VM.

Thanks for the reply. I have not made any changes from the default. Definitely seems like a problem with my VM. I tried on my windows 10 VM and works fine.

I was comparing the network adapters created on my win 7 machine with the win 10 machine. For the tailscale tunnel i noticed that onder properties Client for Microsoft Networks, File and Printer Sharing, Internet protocol version 6 and 4 were all checked on the windows 10 machine, but not on the windows 7 machine. I manually checked them and everything started working correctly. Everytime i restart the machine or service i have to do this again. Any ideas on what is going on?