Unable to connect to host PC

I just downloaded, installed and started Tailscale. I logged on and used the Tailscale ip address on my iPhone. I did connect to an appliction on my host PC. However, I can not connect outside my network. I also tried a laptop with Tailscale installed and I get no connection inside or outside my network using wifi. I ping’d the Tailscale ip and get no returns. Is there any setting in my wifi router that needs to be configured or am I missing a step somewhere.

Thanks so much for any assistance.

Bob W.

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Hi @Kn4hh
Let me see if I understand the issue correctly:
You have Tailscale installed on an iPhone, a PC, and a laptop (what’s the OS?).
Where do you get no connection? If you mean from computer to computer, how are you connecting between them?
Which device are you using ping on?

Thank you for responding. Please forgive the bandwidth on this issue. I discovered that after reauthenticating each tailscale app, I now have good connectivity with my host PC and all my clients.

Thanks again,
Bob W.

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excellent, thanks for letting us know!