Unable to find menu on M1 Mac

I’m new to Tailscale and don’t really know what I’m doing. I installed without any problem on a Raspberry Pi and it shows as a device when I’m logged on to my account. I installed on my M1 Mac from the App Store and it seemed to install OK. I have the icon in my Applications folder but I can’t find any trace of an icon or menu after starting Tailscale: there is no icon on the bottom of the screen. How do I find it? The instructions say ‘1. Click “Log in…” from the Tailscale menu bar item’ but where is the menu bar item?

It’s not there on my machine. Could it be hidden behind the black spot in the middle of the top line?

I found it. It was hidden by the black area in the middle of the top of my screen. I closed a couple of things that had icons there and it was then shifted right and became visible.