Tailscale macOS menu bar dropdown - address for "This Device" is missing most of the time

Have been meaning to post about this for a while but finally getting around to it - on macOS, the address for the current device is missing from the menu bar dropdown most of the time, so you have to go elsewhere to get the Tailscale IP of that machine. See screenshot below.

Most of the time, the menubar dropdown looks like this. Sometimes, when running Tailscale for the first time after updating to a new version, My Device will show up again, but after rebooting or quitting / restarting, it’s gone again.

I’m currently running the standalone app version of Tailscale, but I previously used the App Store version, and the same thing happens with both versions.

This is a bug on our side, will look into fixing this for the next release.

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This fix for this is in our unstable track (available via Testflight: Install unstable Tailscale clients · Tailscale).

Thanks for the quick fix! Testing the standalone unstable build and it’s looking good so far.