Shared device not appearing in tailscale menu

I’ve got a Mac Mini running 10.15.7 (Catalina), and Tailscale 1.12.3. MacOS recently updated something (probably security updates?), and after the machine came back up, a Tailscale device that’s shared with me by a family member is no longer visible in the Tailscale menu.

Interestingly, I can still reach the shared device via it’s Tailscale IP.

I have another Mac (MacBook Pro), same MacOS and Tailscale versions, and no issues - I can see the shared device in the menu, and can reach it there, too (as you’d expect).

Any idea how to get the shared device to appear on the Mac Mini?

Would you please send us the tailscale domain you are using on your Mac Mini to Also, run the tailscale bugreport on the same device and share its output when the issue is happening. We will check the logs accordingly.

Requested info sent to!