Tailscale with Truenas CORE, but not the whole subnet

Good afternoon

I want to share my Truenas Core with Tailscale.

I was able to install it on the base OS of the Truenas (BSD), but it’s strongly recommended not to do that sort of thing. I have got it to work with Talescale running in Ubuntu and forwarding the entire subnet (

I don’t really want that though, partly because the potential for conflicts and partly just because I don’t want everything on my LAN to be exposed.

I will confess I don’t understand the subnet thing well. Is there a way that I can run an instance of Tailscale, be it bare metal on some box or in some kind of container, that will forward the Truenas and only the Truenas, and give it a unique IP as Tailscale does for each device in normal usage?

It would be so lovely if Truenas supported Tailscale! :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help.

I would try changing the network address to the IP address of your TrueNAS and make it the only IP to advertise. So the command would be like this if your TrueNAS IP is

tailscale up --advertise-routes=