Tailscale on TrueNAS SCALE

So, I’ve started to setup a TrueNAS SCALE server, and one of the first things I wanted to setup is Tailscale, but searching around brings up a few attempts here and there, but nothing that looks like it’s really a completely working solution. Did I miss something and does anyone know about a tutorial for setting up Tailscale, so that I can reach the TrueNAS-UI and installed apps/dockers via the tailscale-net?

I move to SCALE last year because I give up trying to install tailscale on CORE.

IIRC I just followed the 1st part instruction of the top answer here.

It just change the first part of the 2nd step of the usual install here I think.

It works fine for me.

Idk how to edit post if that’s evem posible, the first link is wrong here the correct one.