Sharing Truenas with Tailscale - 3 scenarios all bad :(


I am trying to share my Truenas via Tailscale and I have to say it’s fiddly.

Three scenarios:

1: Install Tailscale on the base OS of Truenas core - can be done but heavily discouraged and unsupported to meddle with the OS and will probably be wiped on next update, could lead to unpredictable issues.

2: Install Tailscale either in a jail on the Truenas or somewhere else and use a subnet router - works fine except I can’t share the subnet with other Tailscale users (correct?) which was the whole point.

3: Install Tailscale in a jail on the Truenas, give the jail access to the ZFS datasets, and serve an SMB share from within the jail. Haven’t actually tried this one, should work but I lose all the user / permission management features of Truenas for those shares.

Are there any options I’m missing?

If not, any advice on the best way to proceed?

Thanks for any help.