Tailscale not working in foreign WLAN

Hi folks,
I set up tailscale on my raspberry Pi 400 (with a Pi-hole and nextcloud) in my home network and I also connected my MacBook and iphone. So far I can access the tailscale IPs from mobile and the WLAN of my parents.
I also advertised the subnet with my raspberry and can access the local IPs to access the Pi-hole and nextcloud from mobile. However, when I am connected to a different WLAN (at my parents house) I can’t access the local IPs anymore.

I must hold it wrong, but I have no clue what I am doing wrong. Do you have an idea?

Thank you,

Does your parents LAN network partially or fully overlap with the one you’re exporting?

What do you mean with “overlap”? We both have a Fritz box as router and probably the same local IP-addresses (192.168.178.xx). Would that mean that I wouldn’t be able to use it behind any other Fritz box?

We do not support overlap networks yet Unable to access hosts through tailscale on the same subnet as local machine · Issue #1344 · tailscale/tailscale · GitHub , Please subscribe to the issue for a future updates.

oh, I did not see that!

Thanks for making me aware!