Raspberry Pi and Android - no internet access

Hi all.

I’ve just installed Tailscale on my Raspberry Pi. The Pi has PiHole installed and my plan was to use Tailscale so that I can use my PiHole ad blocker when away from my home network on my mobile phone (Android) and other devices.

Tailscale appears to have installed correctly on the Pi and I’ve installed the Tailscale app on my Android phone (OnePlus 8 with Android 13).

I have successfully tested Taildrop so that I can send files from my Pi to the phone when my phone is on 4G and off the home wifi. I’ve also done this from the phone back to the Pi (when I eventually found where Tailscale stores the files on the Pi!). This shows me that comms are working between the devices.

My problem is that I can’t access the internet at all from my Android phone when on 4G and the Tailscale app is running. The phone shows the Tailscale is connected/active via VPN. Any web access from the phone shows the page as “This site can’t be reached: ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED)”.

I’ve followed the Tailscale install instructions and configured the Global Nameserver to be the IP address of the Tailscale assigned IP on my Pi.

I’m not sure how to track down the problem. I’m not a network guru and don’t want to mess around with any settings I’m not comfortable with without advice!

Thanks in advance for any assistance with this.

I think I’ve resolved this.

I hadn’t changed the PiHole setting for DNS > Enable all origins rather than the default “Only allow local requests”. Fairly obvious change as I now have internet access coming from a new Tailscale IP address!

Just a point of note; the documentation for PiHole and the Settings > DNS screen is out of date. It looks different to the instructions and the setting now reads “Permit all Origins”.