IP Address Question (192.. vs tailscale IP)


I have two machines setup with my tailscale.

Machine A:

Machine B:

On Machine B when I try to ping A via local IP it fails to connect - but - it does connect with the tailscale IP I am given.

Is this expected behaviour? I would like to use local IP address to talk to the machines.


Do you have “allow local access” enabled? Or is your traffic all going through an exit node?

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Hi the machines all have allow local access. Only way to say RDP into the other is via the tailscale IP, still cant use the machine names.

This may be a stupid question, but are those 2 machines you listed on the same network (IE: in the same location, switch, etc)? Or are you trying to connect to them over the internet?

they are over the internet on the same tailscale - this could easily be me misunderstanding how tailscale works as well :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So, there are ways to do what you want, but it will require some changes. The easiest way is to do what you are doing now and using the Tailscale IP address to access remote devices.

In order to connect by the ‘local’ IP Address, the subnets will need to be different. IE: 192.168.1.x on one side and 192.168.2.x on the other. Then you will need to look into subnet routers with Tailscale. If you want local addresses from both sides, then you may need 2 subnet routers, 1 on each side. Having 2 set up this way may cause some connectivity issues though.

My suggestion would be to get used to using the Tailscale IP addresses if that is possible, and if not, only have a subnet router on 1 side. For instance, I have a subnet router on my ‘home’ side, so if I want to access devices behind my home router, I can use the local IP addresses when I am remote.

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Thanks for explaining this. Got used to working with Tailscale IPs so will stick with that, does the job.