Newbie Jellyfin Questions

I have questions regarding the following setup:

I am running a homebuilt truenas scale server that is running tailscale and jellyfin, a pc, a macbook air m1 and a samsung s10 connected via tailscale. everything but the phone is connected via 10gbe switch and nics/adapters. I have a netgear nighthawk cm1200 modem and comcast as an ISP.

I am having a lot of issues using tailscale to remotely access files on my nas and jellyfin. everything is extremely slow and I am only able to stream 480p video via jellyfin(when connected via wifi - trying to access anything over 4g data on my phone remotely is a joke). Downloading videos from my server is flat out impossible. Is there any possible way to improve the speeds i am achieving? Is there a bandwidth bottleneck I am not aware of? What can I do to maximize my ability to remotely access my server?

-note everything works just fine when i am in my home.

Could it also be a hardware problem in my NAS? I have an ASUS proart b550 motherboard (not ideal with truenas), an AMD ryzen 5 4600g 6 core cpu, 32gb of 3200ghz crucial DDR4, and two 16tb ironwolf pro drives mirrored in my truenas pool.

could the bottleneck be in the nas hardware?