Which licence for 1 user to route between a home network and a work network?


I have Tailscale installed on my home router and an Azure VM. I like playing so my home network is segmented. The VM is sitting on a remote subnet, along with some storage so I can get occasional copies of backups off-site.

I’d prefer not to have the Azure storage available to all of the internet. I can set a firewall rule but my connection goes down a couple of times every day, and gets a new public IP every time. I’ve scripted the Azure Firewall rule change but Tailscale removes the need to expose anything, and I can connect to my home subnets when I’m not at home. A Subnet Router at each end works fantastically well.

Work pays for Azure and I’m using the Tailscale free tier. With the Tailscale licensing change, I can’t run 2 Subnet Routers at the same time. I’ve turned off one of the Subnet Routers so I’m in compliance with Tailscale licensing right now.

I was playing with getting to the Azure subnet without using a Subnet Router but realised this wouldn’t be in the spirit of complying with Tailscale’s license. In fact, I’m sorry to admit I started playing with Tailscale for free and didn’t think of licensing as it was only for me.

I’d be happy to pay for a Tailscale subscription but I’m the only user so I’m not sure which of the subscriptions I’d be eligible for. Personal Pro would technically solve things but the Azure part of my network is paid for by my employer so, again, it wouldn’t seem to be in the spirit of compliance.

Where could I check the details of the Personal Pro and Team licenses, to check which would be best for me?



One of the reasons for the subnet router restriction is to bring up questions like this :slight_smile:

It sounds like the “most secure” way to use tailscale would be to install tailscale on all your physical devices directly, then have them route to the Azure subnet router over tailscale, right? That way you have a single subnet router and a fully encrypted link at home, rather than the insecure possibility of someone plugging a random device into your physical home network and thus getting access to your work Azure network (oops!).

If you want to use the Personal Pro plan for this, that’s quite fine. That plan is really about “is there just one person,” not “is it used for work.” There’s no commercial-use restriction on the Personal or Personal Pro plans.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for getting back to me, the info is exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks again.