OpenWRT SSH access

I know Tailscale should run on OpenWRT.

If I set it up, can I configure it in such a way that I can SSH into the OpenWRT device from the Tailscale network? If so, are there any specific settings I would have to make to enable this?

Just wanted to make sure this is possible.

I just started playing around with this, I can manage to ssh into the OpenWrt router if it is connected to the internet via cable, if it acts as a Wi-Fi client, I can’t figure it out.

Feel free to share some info if by now you have more insight into this matter.

it should work, as it works on Homeassistant. You can access the machine running Tailscale with it’s own IP.


— wanted to know if you are still using tailscale on openwrt?
— what has your experience been so far?

can you share a basic advise of what needs to be done?
not asking for major details, just the directions i should follow.

thanks much,

update : in the end, i got it working well.

Would you mind sharing a few of your steps? I’m able to access openwrt interface via tailscale but I am struggling to route traffic through and DNS queries tailscale

hmm, it was all working on my old AR750S-EXT

but with my shiny, new and running very hot, ATX1800, i am having issues with tailscale.

i just logged into the forum, to look for help and i noticed your post.

now that i am thinking about it, maybe the difference is:
— AXT1800, i installed the official tailscale package from openwrt, using luci.
— AR750S, i followed a tutorial, step by step, creating service files, etc. from command line
so maybe i will remove the official package and try hand-to-hand computational combat.