Tailscale Crashing on OpenWrt Device

I am currently testing out using Tailscale as a site-to-site VPN. I have devices that I can’t install Tailscale on directly that I need to connect to my router that I have OpenWrt and Tailscale running on. I had to disable IPv6, but I am successfully getting this to function as a router level VPN.

The problem is, tonight as I was testing, Tailscale crashed on my OpenWrt device after about an hour or two of being on for seemingly no reason. I have another Linux machine that I am using as an exit node server, and Tailscale hasn’t crashed on it once. I also didn’t lose internet connection when this happened. This is a problem as I want to use this as a VPN and don’t want to leak my real IP.

Has anyone else had issues with this before? Do you have any idea why this happened and how I can prevent it from happening again? Also, has anyone with a similar setup ever setup a killswitch? I would like for all of my internet to go down immediately without leaking my information if Tailscale crashes again.