Tailscale on OpenWRT Not Connecting to Exit Node in another location

I have a little complex setup and trying the Tail scale to work in my environment.

Objective is to setup and access point using an OpenWRT router at my home and connect to the router using wireless and use the exit node in another location through the Open WRT router.

I have an OpenWRT router setup as an access point running Tailscale and one Raspberry Pi running Tailscale, published as an exit node in another location.

Connectivity setup looks like the below:

ONT Device → Asus Main Router → Open WRT router as an additional AP (connected to LAN port not WAN)

Now when I access the Open WRT router through its SSID wirelessly, I do get internet but am not getting out from the exit node in another location. Internet is being served from the main Asus router.

I believe I need to do some routing and firewall rules, tried my head around and couldn’t get it to work.

I do not wish to connect the OpenWRT to ONT device from device management perspective.

Any ideas how to fix this??