Can't ping Tailscale installed on OpenWrt

I have a GL.inet AX1800 “Flint” and have installed Tailscale through the opkg repository. I did use the static binaries at one point but was having the issue I currently am having now and haven’t gone back.

I have done everything I’ve needed to get Tailscale running how I would like on my router (exit node, advertised routes) but if I attempt to ping the Tailnet IP of the router, I get no responses. The Admin page shows the device is connected and working as intended.

I originally suspected a firewall issue on OpenWrt blocking the pings from the 100.x.x.x and I could have sworn that I was able to ping once I disabled the firewall service. I, however, tried disabling the firewall again but it still refuses to work.

Is there anything I am missing or completely looking over? Any help would be appreciated!


Had to enable UPnP on router to allow Tailscale to punch through :man_facepalming: