Jellyfin Server

I just started using tailsscale , I want to get away from ngrok.
So far it seems to work as expected, except for Jellyfin server.
Jellyfin server is installed on Windows 10, I can access it with ngrok, but not tailscale. I can access a different server through tailscale and ngrok on the same Windows computer.

Any thoughts on what’s wrong, and/or how to diagnose it?

Is Jellyfin only listening on Tailscale currently won’t let you connect to a service that’s only listening on localhost.

We have "Export localhost" option? · Issue #1121 · tailscale/tailscale · GitHub open to add a feature to let you do that.

The Jellyfin web interface is on localhost:8096, and also

I currently have a program that uses port 8888, and it works fine.

I normally use Jellyfin within a Linux VM, where I can access it on its Tailscale interface.

I installed Jellyfin on a Windows 10 system, though I haven’t gotten it to create a server yet (not sure why). However one thing stuck out while it was starting up:

[15:57:27] [INF] [4] Jellyfin.Networking.Manager.NetworkManager: Defined LAN addresses : [,,,]

It appears to limit the IP addresses it will respond to, just localhost and the RFC1918 space.

If this looks familiar as a configuration option somewhere, adding will let it treat Tailscale addresses in the same way that it does a local LAN, and may resolve the issue.

I will try it.
I am away right now, I have to use vnc to my computer.

Thanks for the suggestion, I will follow up and post the results.

I couldn’t find a simple way of adding the tailscale range to the Jellyfin configuration.
However, the new versions seem to have fixed the problem. also fixed the Magic DNS android issue I was having.

In case anyone else has the same issue, @DGentry’s idea was correct. Under the networking tab in the jellyfin (version 10.7.7) dashboard, there’s a “LAN networks” field. Adding the default lan ip/netmasks plus one for tailscale addresses fixed the issue for me:,,,,

Thanks guys!