Tailscale is a bit slow

Hi guys,

First of all, I would just like to say that I discovered Tailscale a few days ago and I absolutely love it! It is very simple to use and I have managed to install it on all the devices in a matter of seconds.

I have been testing it using various devices and connections but it seems like it is a tad slow. For example, I installed it on a Windows Server and tested it by connecting by FTP to my home computer. (I have an optic fiber which gives me approximately 1Gbps download and upload). Locally but still routing through Tailscale, I get a download speed of ~50MB/s (and without Tailscale, 65MB) which is totally acceptable. However, through the server, I only get 2MB/s, which is very limiting (the tailscale status shows that it makes a direct connection, not routed through a DERP). My home connection is behind my ISP NAT but I can ask for a static IP and port forwarding.

If I can manage to get a static IP and port forwarding on my router, what would I need to do so Tailscale does not have to perform NAT traversal (which I understand can reduce the speed)? I can also set up a Raspberry Pi to route my home subnet, if that is a solution. (However, what would be the point of using Tailscale, as opposed to a regular Wireguard connection?)

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By the way, I’ve also been testing through my mobile network and it is 10x slower (200KB/s), because it is routing through a relay node. I’m assuming being able to open a port on a static IP will also solve this issue.