iOS VPN profile customization

User: Thanks for the awesome work on Tailscale, it’s one of the best tools I’ve used recently!

It seems that the iOS VPN profile created by the Tailscale app cannot be customized. Are there any plans to support this?

The obvious example would be routing all traffic through a specific node on the Tailscale mesh that acts as a gateway.

Tailscale: Currently, there aren’t plans to allow one to customize the VPN profile, but many people have requested the same thing you mentioned (mainly, set a default route for all of your traffic). I’ve added you to the list of people to be notified when we’re farther along on that request.

Are there other features that you’d find useful?

User: Glad to hear that feature is in the pipeline, would love to help test is whenever it’s ready.
Probably the other only thing that’s missing for me is building tailscale for Openwrt devices, or at least for the main architectures Openwrt supports.

Tailscale: We run on OpenWrt using the static binaries:

Which architecture are you thinking of?

If you’ve got an AMD Geode processor, see

User: Thanks for the pointer Brad, I missed the mips build.

However attempting to run those binaries on e.g. an Ubiquiti Edge Router X (ERX) produces an error:


./tailscale: line 1: syntax error: unterminated quoted string

The specific architecture I have according to the Openwrt/LEDE release -



Are there any sub-architectures for mips that might cause incompatability?

More generally, is any work being done to attempt to merge the tailscale directly as an openwrt package?

Tailscale: That doesn’t look right. Sure you downloaded it correctly?

User: I was using the stable release, but same behavior with the unstable build:

root@ERX:/tmp/ts/tailscale_1.1.196_mips# sha256sum tailscale

0a2250d8058c6644a7961f826907691ff2f4c193e628f84dc6f0a660c31e56a3 tailscale

root@ERX:/tmp/ts/tailscale_1.1.196_mips# ./tailscale -h

./tailscale: line 1: syntax error: unexpected “(”

Do you have more details about which specific mips architecture the builds are targeting?

Support: The “ELF 32-bit MSB executable, MIPS, MIPS32 version 1 (SYSV)” referenced earlier means 32-bit big endian.

See for how to build GOARCH=mipsle. (little endian)

We added mipsle to our list of builds the other day:

Someone wrote a blog post about exactly this today: I haven’t tried the instructions but you might want to use them as a starting point :slight_smile: