Tailscale as VPN

Hi all,
Sorry for the newb question, but I just downloaded Tailscale and I’m using it between my MacBook Pro and my Linux NUC, and it’s working to bridge those two devices perfectly. They both have a Tailscale IP associated with them. I was wondering how I could use Tailscale as a VPN for my MacBook Pro as my primary IP address (or if this is even possible)? Or would I have to download a separate VPN to be able to VPN my MBP? Thanks!

Tailscale is not a Privacy VPN: its main purpose is to provide connectivity to your own devices even through firewalls, not provide connectivity to the rest of the Internet.

The closest thing for Tailscale is an exit node Exit Nodes (route all traffic) · Tailscale where you can make one of your Tailscale nodes carry all traffic for other Tailscale nodes. Importantly though, it is your device and the IP address is your ISP’s IP address for that device.