DS Lite Problem - how to use Tailscale Tunnle via VPS instead?

Hi everyone,
i got DS Lite from Vodafone in Germany and want to make my Homeserver accessible from outside via IPV4.

Which solution would you recommend?

I thought about creating Tailscale connection between my HomeNetwork and the VPS. That’s already done, I am able to ping my home devices from my VPS. (I added my IP-Network-Area as subnet to my HomeNetwork-Client, which runs as an Unraid Docker)

Now I thought about creating an Nginx Reverse Proxy Server, so that I could route from my VPS, through Nginx, to my Devices/Servers in my HomeNetwork. (Minecraft for example).

At this point I got 2 more questions for you:

  • would you host Nginx on the VPS or HomeServer(Unraid)? And why, where are the main security differences?
  • how do I create routings in Tailscale? Is it done with seperate Firewalls, or can I do it with ACL in Tailscale? Do I have to define, an Exit-Point? Which Firewall would you recommend?

Thank you very much for your nice work, i’m looking forward for any kind of answer/tipps/support :slight_smile: :pray:t3:

Hello, I’m also interested in this topic. Basically I would like to access my home network (behind a cgnat Vodafone LTE) with a public ip published on a VPS.
Any suggestion appreciated!
Thank you!