iOS VPN not getting ULA IPv6 address

I’ve been using Network Analyzer app to check if the ULA IPv6 address issued to my iOS / iPadOS tailnet nodes are usable from applications on those devices. It appears not to be the case, but I’d like to confirm if the ULA IPv6 address and range could be allowed on the VPN?

The ULA can be pinged external to the device over the tailnet and interestingly enough when using Network Analyzer to attempt to ping the device’s ULA address the reverse DNS look up is working - no unexpected.

The ultimate goal is to be able to have iOS / iPadOS tailnet nodes to be able to utilise IPv6 subnet router destinations (other ULA(s) I have on my internal networks).

I’m hoping its some setting that just needs to be toggled :crossed_fingers:t2:

Thanks in advance!