Not a full tunnel vpn?

I have a raspberry running raspbian as an exit node on a remote network. Various clients, but the ones I am testing that have problems are running iOS. Everything is fully patched and updated.

When I connect to it from a client it doesn’t look like all traffic is being tunnelled through the exit node as I am seeing some geo-restrictions from some apps on iOS.

If I put squid proxy onto the raspbian and point the browser from a windows machine to it (over Tailscale) the geo-restrictions don’t appear.

Am I missing something? I tried setting the proxy in iOS but that doesn’t seem to work.

DNS traffic doesn’t yet go via the Exit Nodes. That’s coming soon, hopefully. Maybe in 1.20.0.

Aaaaaah, that’ll explain it.

Is there any workaround I could use in the meantime? Otherwise, any suggestions on when 1.20.0 will ship?

1.20 should be released before the end of January. We’re not planning to do a new major release in December.

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